About David Abraham Custom Clothing LLC

David Abraham Custom Clothing is located in the heart of downtown Birmingham Michigan. David Abraham Custom Clothing store services, a wide ranging and very diverse clientele. Helping to promote the classic gentlemen and the elegance of a women.

How many times have you went shopping for a specific color suit? Only to not find it in your size..

The personalized one-on-one service gives our clients a sense of security. Knowing our trained and talented designers are focused solely on creating the best possible hand made crafted garment for you the client.

From, London’s Saville Row or Italy’s finest mills where bespoke and custom tailoring has produced some of the greatest craftsman and tailoring techniques. We realized there are many things that have changed to enhance the production of custom suits but the origins are forged from a solid fundamental foundation.

Custom suit making starts as a single artisan drafts the pattern by hand, working from an extensive set of unique measurements. From there he, often with the help of an apprentice, cuts and tailors a suit, molding it diligently to the client’s body. From sketch to finished product, this process can span multiple fittings and require up to six months before the garment is delivered. As it was one hundred years ago, so it is today. This is still the best way to create a bespoke suit.

Many comparisons can be made between a bespoke/custom suit and an off the rack suit. David Abraham  wants to show emphasis on custom tailoring. All garments are designed and cut from a specific pattern used from the clients body type. With a wide assortment of fabrics from the finest mills in Italy, London and other parts of the world. The creative process is limitless, making that perfect garment that is customized to fit. We have colors and patterns to accurately match any season. Extending the life of your wardrobe..

David Abraham Custom Clothiers, stands by each garment produced. If a client is not satisfied with any garment, we alter or remake the garment until satisfaction is achieved.